Prolong - 15000 - Transmission Fluid Additive


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Prolong Transmission Treatment is formulated with Prolongs AFMT (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) advanced technology to treat the metal surfaces of both standard (manual) and automatic transmissions. As the transmission fluid or gear oil circulates, Prolong Transmission Treatment molecules interact with all of the metal surfaces, chemically bonding to create a protective layer that reduces potentially damaging friction and heat.

Additional Attributes:

  • GTIN: 00607712150001
  • Amount: 8 oz
  • Compatible with all transmission oil types: Yes
  • Lubricity Rating: 1a
  • OIL Type: Synthetic
  • Protects Transmission: Yes
  • Will not void vehicle warranty: Prolong will not void warranty


  • Quantity of Each: 1
  • Package UOM: EA
  • Dimension: 4.75 x 8 x 11 inches


Prolong - 15000 - Transmission Fluid Additive